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EUHOME Scalp Scrubber with Rotatable Handle

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  • It's such a luxury to have someone else massage your scalp, but very easy with your Euhome brush. Flexible rotatable brush handle, Anti-Skid Grooves, Detachable Silicone, you could DIY spa-grade experiences at home, which is a healthier way to care for your scalp, no need to worry touch with stranger.
  • Rotatable Handle: Our rotatable scalp brush is a game-changer for anyone not comfortable with or not able to catch a scrubber to clean their scalp. With this unique design, you can also share it with loved ones, obviously the perfect home cleaner for your scalp health.
  • Detachable Silicone: Are you worried about whether it's waterproof? We launch this detachable structure to let you clean and dry it easily and you can change the silicone brush color as your need, let you collocation the color as you like, the medium hardness silicone bristles perfectly fit in your scalp, ergonomically designed, does it all without hurting the scalp, you won't have to worry about the sensitive scalp.
  • Effective and Versatile: This scalp massager shampoo brush can be used at home or on vacation/business and fits easily in a suitcase or backpack. Better news, you could also choose one for your lovely pet, help them scrub away dirt, remove dead skin and loose fur, him will enjoy this relaxing brush and love you more.
  • Buy with Confidence: EUHOME is committed to providing customers with quality products and caring services. If you have any questions, please feel free to message us via Amazon.
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Rotatable Handle Silicone